2013 Club Cider Pickup

It’s time to warm up your Cider making skills. The 2013 Club Cider Buy pickup date has been officially confirmed. ¬†Below is the official announcement from Jonathan. Check out the Upcoming Events section for directions and more information on the event.

We finally have a date for the 2013 Club Cider Buy. It will be Saturday November 16th @ Barley John’s. As usual it will be $4 per gallon payable by cash, check or square cash (look it up). Please be sure to bring your sanitized 5 gallon vessels and perhaps a funnel if you will need one. We will have funnel(s) and starsan on hand but extras never hurt. We will do our best to arrive around 10am and I would request that people show up no later than 2pm (though it may very well take us longer than that). If you are unable to attend please try to get a friend to help you out, if that is not an option please let me know ASAP and we can try to work something out. As this will be hosted at Barley John’s there will be plenty of food and beer available so support them and hang out and enjoy if you have the time. Currently the allocation of cider is full but if you haven’t already signed up and are interested there may very well be extras so come hang out and bring some buckets. To the same extent if you want more than you requested bring along a few extra vessels and you might get lucky. Again for this reason if you do not let me know that you will be arriving late I will start giving away people’s allocations after 2pm. Please note that this email is going to the whole club and receiving it DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED CIDER. I will be sending out an email shortly to all those who are already on the list. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!

Jonathan Beckel

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