BJCP Beer Tasting Exam Prep Class


For over ten years, the MHBA has been at the forefront of beer education by putting on one of the most effective BJCP  prep courses available. This course has prepared numerous people to take and successfully pass the BJCP beer tasting exam. Minnesota is recognized as having one of the best and deepest bench of judges.

If you are interested in getting added to the contact list for the next iteration of the class, please sign up here. It doesn’t obligate you to take it, but it ensures you will be included on any relevant communications as plans coalesce.

Basic details:

  • When
    • The class is eight to ten weeks long, meeting one night a week from approximately 7 pm until late (usually 11 pm – 12 midnight)
    • The next offering is likely to be Autumn 2022 but this will ultimately be determined based upon interest (since a tasting exam requires at least six people to sit for it)
  • Where
    • In 2021, we conducted the class virtually due to covid-19. We are running the numbers on whether to continue doing it virtually, returning to in-person classes, or some sort of hybrid model.
    • If it is in-person, it will either be conducted at a private home in Minneapolis or Saint Paul depending on the instructor. Driving after class is strictly forbidden.
  •  Who
    • Small class size – four to six students is ideal
    • Facilitated by a BJCP National Beer and Mead Judge and certified grader
  • What
    • The goals of the class are:
      • Fully prepare students to pass the BJCP beer tasting exam and judge at competitions
      • Develop evocative language to describe the aroma, appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel of beer
      • Develop an understanding of BJCP styles 1A (American light lager) through 26D (Belgian dark strong ale)
    • Classes involve tasting, describing, discussing,and evaluating commercial examples of each beer style
    • Homework involves assigned readings, weekly knowledge reviews, short essays, and submitting scoresheets for grading
    • The class costs $100 + $15 to join the MHBA + the cost of beer for tasting exercises. To ensure everyone has access to quality beer education, these expenses may be waived or reduced based upon financial hardship.