Carpool to the Double Social? Wednesday, November 20th

November 12, 2019

Let’s leave the loop and go drink some club members’ professional beers, eh?  Some carpooling might be in order as we head south and west to u4ic and Roets’ Brewery on the 20th.  Homemade beverages are welcome at both stops, as these venues are open just for us that evening!  Tim Roets will have a prize for his favorite homemade beverage . . .

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November cider and double-social

October 30, 2019

Two fun club events this month!  First up, on Saturday, it’s the annual Learn-to-Brew event at Barley John’s.  Pre-ordered cider will be distributed at this event.

Then, on the 20th, we head to not one, but TWO club members’ breweries.  We’ll visit u4ic and Roets’ Brewing.

Check for all the details.

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CANCELED–Saturday’s Brew with the Prez CANCELED!

October 9, 2019

Regretfully, the club president Dave Matson has a cabin heating emergency that requires his attention this Saturday.  Look for a make-up date coming soon . . .

Get your cider orders in NOW!!

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Brew with the President . . . the CLUB President, that is . . .

October 4, 2019

Fall Club Brewday with the Prez


October 12th–Brew Day!

November 2nd–Cider distribution at Barley John’s.  Membership and pre-purchase required.

Cider Buy & Learn to Brew

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Woodn’t it be nice to meet?

September 19, 2019

Tuesday the 24th!  Bring your wood-brewed beverages, or just bring your family and friends and JUDGE the wood-brewed beverages.  Bring your miscellaneous homemade beverages.  But do come to Number 12 Cider at 6:00 Tuesday!

And contact Kevin to order your wood items for brewing.  Now!  🙂

Iron Brewer Wood Challenge–Advance sales of wood products

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Wood-Brewing Product Purchase; Iron Brewer; Double Social; Club Brew; Cider Buy; Holiday Party

September 7, 2019

Boy, do we have a lineup of opportunity for all y’all!  First and foremost, think WOOD.  Kevin Meintsma is organizing a club group purchase of wood brewing products, and the Iron Brewer competition (with wood-beverage entries) is the 24th.

Wood Product Club Purchase


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Wood Product Club Purchase

September 7, 2019
Take advantage of this deal Judd Ebersviller and I worked out for you! Having some of these products on hand will enhance your brewing options for the future.

We were at Black Swan late this spring and spent some time there talking to them about process, barrels and wood alternatives to aging in barrels.  They have some really nice products that are priced attractively for home brewers.

We arranged a 15% discount off of the retail prices as long as we send in a single consolidated order.  Shipping will be a flat 16$ added to the order total, so I will have each person ordering pay $3 TOTAL (above and beyond the discounted pricing) for shipping to ensure this is covered.  It’s to your advantage to order more which will reduce your net per unit cost, but the choice is yours.  At $3 per person it’s still a significant cost reduction from the retail pricing and shipping costs.
Retail product and pricing information here:
Flavor descriptors for each of the products:
What do you need to do?  Glad you asked!

I STRONGLY recommend you look at the retail website links I’ve provided so you know what is included in each of the package choices.
Send payment based on the pricing below (plus the $3 Shipping charge) via paypal to the email below and include your order information and quantity for each item in the comments of the payment information.
Complete this by September 30th to be included in the order.

To reduce hassle, there will be no refunds once paid, and only people that have completed payment by the deadline will be included in the order.


$ 9.35  1 Gallon Brew Variety Pack (9 wood species)
$20.06  5 Gallon Brew Variety Pack (9 wood species)
$ 2.60  5 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$ 4.63  10 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$ 6.63  15 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$12.71 30 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
Paypal payment (use the friends and family option): [email protected]
Kevin Meintsma
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Social Events! Tuesday, August 20th, and Wednesday, November 20th; Holiday Party at Summit!

August 19, 2019

The club will be at Number 12 Cider in Minneapolis August 20th.  This is family-friendly, but please, no animals or homemade beverages.  6:00-9:00.

Number 12 Cider Social

Then, November 20th–DOUBLE Social, at club members’ breweries.  First we’ll stop at u4ic (5:30), then at Roets Jordan Brewery (7:30).  Homebrew is welcome at both, since these will be private events for just us.  Family-friendly.

Saturday, December 14th.  The holiday party will be back at the training room at SUMMIT!  Club member Jim LaRoque will perform with his band, The Cheese Bots.  More later, but think about a 6:00 arrival and 7:00 potluck.  Family friendly!

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Social Event at Number 12 Cider

July 18, 2019

Come one, come all, to the casual social event!  This is different from a meeting in that it’s really just club members and interested drinkers hanging out somewhere, but there is no set agenda.

MHBA Social Night @
Number 12 Cider

Tues Aug 20, 6pm, tour at 7pm

Number 12 Cider
614 N 5th St
Mpls, MN 55401
(North Loop)

Tour with Stephen Hance, or his partner, Collin.

Al will talk about new BJCP Cider Judge Certification.

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All-Club Camp-Out; first weekend in August; near St. Cloud!

June 25, 2019

If you like drinking homebrew outside, then you and your family do NOT want to miss the camp-out.


All-Club Camp-Out!


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