Help us schedule the 2015 holiday party

The MHBA Club Leadership is finalizing the 2015 calendar and we could use your input regarding the holiday party.

In 2015 the cost of using the CSPS Hall is increasing quite a bit.  To hold the party there on the traditional Friday will cost $700 (the past few years it’s been $400), but the party could be held there on a Sunday afternoon for $400.  Additionally, some members have expressed an interest in having the holiday party on a day other than a Friday.

Please respond to the following poll so that the club leadership has some input to guide the scheduling decision.  The cost should not be a deciding factor, but if just as many people would attend on a Sunday as on a Friday, then we may as well save some money.  Likewise, if no one would attend on a Sunday, then we’ll likely just pay the extra money and go with the preferred day of the week.

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