Lots of Fantastic Chili

This past Saturday the MHBA hosted it’s annual Chili Cookoff! We had an amazing collection of great chili present and amazingly, we have a new keeper of ‘Chief Chili Pepper’.MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170294

This year we gathered at Northeast Neighborhood Services in Minneapolis. They have a beautiful location and great staff that helped as needed.

We ended up with a great variety of chili to sample with tasty options in each of our 3 categories. In the end we had to award 2 honorable mentions as well as our main winners.

Without further delay, this year’s winners were…

Honorable Mention: Tim Burrman
Honorable Mention: Michael Gray

Best Chili Without Beans: Dan Dugan
Best Chili With Beans: Jon Nyberg
Best Other Chili: Gera Exire La Tour

People’s Choice, Best Chili Overall: Jon Nyberg

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170287

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170291

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170292

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170297

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170301

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170307

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170323

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170328

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170336

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170340

MHBA Chili Cookoff 2015-1170346

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