Winter Beer Dabbler 2022 Homebrew Contest

Thank you for your interest in the Winter Beer Dabbler 2022 Homebrew Contest organized by the Minnesota Home Brewers Association.

The goal of the contest is to provide quality feedback to home brewers of all abilities.

Entry Registration

Entries can be added through February 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm central time.

BEER entries can be registered here.

MEAD and CIDER entries can be registered here.

After you submit your entry, you will receive a contest label via email that should be printed and affixed to each bottle using a rubber band.

BJCP Judging

Judging is my invitation only.

Entries will be judged according to the 2015 style guidelines since the 2021 guidelines just came out. However, the 2021 style guidelines will be used for style 21C – Hazy IPA.

Entries will be judged by at least one BJCP judge.

The following BJCP styles are accepted:

  • beer styles 1A through 34C
  • mead styles M1A through M4C
  • cider styles C1A, C1B, C1D, C1E, C2C, C2E, and C2F


The Winter Beer Dabbler 2022 Homebrew Contest is an American Homebrewer Association and BJCP-sanctioned competition.

Anyone attending the Winter 2022 that is at least 21 years of age may enter one beer, mead, or cider into the competition.

All entries must be brewed by hand at a residential location using home brew equipment.

The names of all brewers must be included with the entry.

All entries must be dropped off at the Winter Beer Dabbler at the designated location (to be announced).

All entries must be registered online before they are dropped off. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Three approximately 12 fluid oz bottles or cans must be submitted.

Bottles submitted must be devoid of writing on caps, labels, or other unique markings that impede impartial judging.

All entries entered in the contest become the property of the Minnesota Home Brewers Association and will not be returned. Bottles will not be returned to contest entrants.

Entrants are required to provide information required by the BJCP such as special ingredients, strength, carbonation, or sweetness.

Scoresheets will me scanned and emailed to all entrants using the email address provided at registration.

Entries scoring at least 35 will receive a ribbon. These will be mailed to entrants at the address included at registration.

Entries will be judged by BJCP judges or other qualified individuals.

Meads and ciders will be judge by BJCP mead endorsed judges whenever possible.

Best of show judging will be done by a panel of BJCP judges.

The Beer Dabbler and MHBA is not responsible for miscategorized entries, bottles that explode prior to judging, or other mayhem.

All rules subject to change.