2013 Holiday Party Wrapup

On December 13th, our group held our annual Christmas party at the CSPS Hall in St. Paul.

This year we were able to create a family friendly, festive atmosphere with colored table clothes, red and green beads,
candy canes and great food, beer and music. The 70 or so group of attendees were treated to live music throughout the evening as Reuben Ristrom and his band
played a number of Jazzy seasonal songs and classic jazz pieces. We had enough food this year to take care of everyone and still had a little left over! Thanks to all who brought something to share!

Congratulations to Jeff Luskey and his “Chernilla Stout” for winning the beer competition. (Updated: We originally credited Paul Illa for this.)

And congratulations to the winner of the food award for her “Grandma’s Cabbage Rolls”. (If anyone can tell me who she was, that would be great!)

And I promised I would give a shout out to Emily Matson for her incredible truffles! They were just plain wonderful!

Our first year offering to accept food donations for a local food shelf fell a little shy of what I had hoped, but it is only our first year. We ended up with 4 bags of food to donate and I’m still in the process of finding a food shelf that is open when I’m not working!

Special thanks go out to Jennifer and Neil for setting up the tables this year. And thanks to Brett for getting the keg and Chris for setting up the beer station. And thanks to all who came to share in this event. It’s always a good time when we’re surrounded by good food, great music and great friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Michael Coté

Editor’s notes:

  • Michael deserves a huge thanks as well for spearheading the holiday party and also doing a TON of setup to make the place look awesome!
  • Do you have any photos or video from the party? Let us know so we can add them to the gallery here!
  • All of Dave’s photos from the party can be found on his gallery page.
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