2014 Cider Buy

Cider lovers,

We will be doing another Club Cider Buy of fresh-pressed, unpasteurized cider for fermenting this year at Barley John’s during Learn to Homebrew Day on November 8th. As usual we will try to arrive near the beginning of the event, but these things always take longer than expected so if you are on a tight schedule please find someone else to take care of your pickup, and let the coordinator know in advance.

The price will be $4 a gallon and you will need to supply your own 5 gallon vessel(s), ideally 5+ gallon buckets. If you are interested in cider, please let me know how much you would like in 5 gallon quantities by emailing me directly, or using the form below.

2013 MHBA Cider Buy

2013 MHBA Cider Buy

This year I would like people to prepay to reduce some of the complications the day of. I would prefer you use:

  • Square Cash – free and easy. Send payment to [email protected]
  • Paypal – note you will need to have your bank account linked and send it as a personal transaction to not incur a fee, if you want to use a credit card you will need to choose to pay the additional fee yourself. Send payment to [email protected]
  • Check – email Jonathan Beckel for the address

As always club members will get preference so please have your dues up to date. Let me know if you have any questions Cheers!

Jonathan Beckel

UPDATE: We are out of cider for 2014

Email Jonathan Beckel to be placed on the waiting list in case any openings arise.

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