All-Club Camp-Out

DATE: 7/31-8/2
LOCATION: El Rancho Manana, by Cold Spring
Call for Reservations: See Reservation Section ASAP

[email protected]

El Rancho Manana
27302 Ranch Road
Richmond, MN 56368

We will be staying in one of their big unimproved camping areas. We will have firewood, picnic tables, port-a-potties, and lots of space. The park in general has many extras to offer too. The grounds contain a swimming beach, hiking and biking trails, showers, and a store. Dock space, boats and water bikes are also listed as available for rent, and horseback riding may be available. All is a short walk from where the unimproved camping is.

NOTE: We could use larger tent/tarp type structures to use for sun/rain shelters. If you have one you could bring let me know.

Reservations and Costs:

Camping cost is $25 plus tax per adult for the weekend in our primitive area. Please call Kevin ASAP for reservations at 320.597.2740 and state you are with the Minnesota Homebrewers Camp-Out. Note, if you want more amenities you can talk to Kevin about alternative sites they may have available.

There will also be a charge for those participating in Saturday’s dinner. Final costs will be determined on site. I am expecting around $10 per adult, no charge for kids. Please let me know ahead of time if you are planning on coming or even if you are a maybe so we can plan Sat food accordingly. Email me at [email protected] at least one week in advance.

Master of Malt competition:

This fun competition between clubs has been held at the campout since 1992 (yes this will be year 24). Each club can enter up to four brews: one for ALES, one for LAGERS, one for BELGIANS, and one for MEAD/CIDERS. There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all categories and best of all, you will be competing for the coveted title of Master of Malt! The win is recorded forever in history for your club AND you get to spend a full year with the prestigious Master of Malt trophy. It is kind of like the Stanley Cup (but not really)!

Cheers and good luck!

Sour Hour:

We are going to get a sour hour together again this year. Sometime in the lull between after Master of Malt and dinner we will get together and break out some sour beers. It is a very casual thing. Bring and share if you like sours.

Sat Dinner:

Saturday’s dinner will be prepared and hosted by the Prairie Homebrewing Companions. Popular thought right now is Gumbo, corn bread muffins and maybe a salad of some kind. Maybe that will stick maybe not. If you really want to know ahead, let me know and I will update you. I will need numbers so please email me at [email protected] at least one week in advance.

General Other Camping Notes:

Please bring your own food to prepare for meals other than Sat dinner.

Jockey boxes, bottles, growlers and any other beer containers are encouraged. The PHC jockey box will be there. If you are bringing kegs and need a line we will try to fit you on that.

This is a primitive site so no electricity and water on site through community water spigots.

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