Big Brew Day (May 6th at Back Channel Brewhouse) Details

Back Channel will be hosting us for Big Brew Day at their brewhouse (separate from taproom, 4264 Shoreline Dr, Spring Park, MN 55384). There will be demonstrations of brewing and a Wort Share hosted by Back Channel Brewing! Join us, bring homebrew snacks to share, and make sure to stop by the Back Channel Taproom to show your support for their generosity.


For People Brewing:

You can start showing up at around 8-9am. There will be people there starting at 8am. 

Water (including hot water for brewing) will be available for use. There will be outlets and drainage as well.


For those that signed up for the Wort Share:

Wort will be dispersed around 2/2:30 – so please have a 5 Gallon fermentation vessel available to move wort into.


Wort Recipe: Gunslinger / Imperial Amber


Recipe Specifications


Estimated OG: 1.092 SG

Estimated Color: 19.7 SRM

Estimated IBU: 53.6 IBUs

Boil Time: 90 Minutes




Amt          %/IBU          

Maris Otter  66.5 %       

Dark Munich Malt 17.7 %         

Amber        8.9 %                  

Caramel 120L 2.4 %                 

Caramel 60L  2.4 %                 

Caramel 40L  2.0 %           


FW/90 min – Magnum – 27.3 IBUs      

Late addition / whirlpool – Cascade – 26.2 IBUs             


American Ale Yeast Blend (White Labs #WLP060) or SA05 @ 1 million cells/ milliliter/°Plato

Mash @ 152






5.32 pH

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