Brew For Good is back!

It’s been a couple of years due to Covid restrictions, but IT’S BACK!

Brew For Good is a Beer/Mead/Cider sampling festival.

It will be on September 18th, from noon to 4pm at Forgotten Star Brewery in Fridley.

It raises funds through free will offering to support a local non-profit partner:
East Side Neighborhood Services.

For more information, please check out

The way this festival works:

MHBA and Primary Fermenters each get a “booth” (table) in the event space at the brewery We bring OUR beer/mead/cider to serve to members of the public in attendance at the festival. It’s a great way to raise money for a good cause and to showcase your talent and your beer/mead/cider to friends/family/public. Many people in both clubs have done this in the past, and it’s a BLAST!

Let the club leadership know you are participating so we get a solid idea of our capacity, and then get busy, finish your beverages, and sign up with your “brew” information here:

Please let us know on Facebook, or via email (use the form on the website: to let us know what you are bringing!

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