Recent Events

Crafting a Nation Screening

February 12, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us at Casket Cinema for the screening of Crafting a Nation. Our hosts, Mark Wojahn and Wilbur Ince, both said it was the most attended movie event they’ve ever done.

The film was very interesting and shot well. We had a nice showing of MHBA members and we had some pretty good beer as well.

The players were Wilbur Ince and Mark Wojahn – co-founders of the casket cinema and Brenden Harris, Director of Photography for Crafting a Nation. We also had a short discussion of the effort it takes to start a brewery in Minnesota by Brett Michlitsch and Lonnie Manresa.

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Congratulations to all Mashout Winners

January 29, 2014

Congratulations to everyone who entered beer, mead and cider in the 2014 Upper Mississippi Mashout! A big congratulations to everyone who medaled as well!

For those unfamiliar with Mashout, it is one of the largest homebrew contests in the country, drawing nearly 1000 entries from coast to coast. Mashout was started in 2002 and is sponsored by the Minnesota Homebrewers Association and the St Paul Home Brewers Club. Judges and volunteers from around the region, and around the country, descend on the Twin Cities to judge these entries as well as take part in educational seminars and catch up with friends.

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