Chief Chili Pepper wants YOU

You made some great beer and some great chili–bring them both on the 18th and possibly win some prizes.

You made one or the other–bring it on the 18th and possibly win a prize.

You made neither, but love both–show up on the 18th and possibly win a door prize.

You have never attended a meeting, but are curious–show up on the 18th and be guaranteed that a current member will introduce him/herself and pour you a beer.

You have been thinking that you would like to help with the club’s activities, and you have some great ideas–show up on the 18th and run for a board position. The positions to be voted on are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two At-Large positions.

Chief Chili Pepper could go home with you if you have the best chili.

The club is providing the bowls, napkins, and spoons–you provide the hunger and the thirst.

Bring extra full bottles to exchange for other brewers’ bottles!

Saturday, March 18th, noon to 4:00.

Community Gathering Space, 514 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

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