The arrangements are made, the details are known, and we are now getting the payment system up and running.

For what you ask?

The Minnesota Homebrewer Association Cider Buy!

Paid members will get first crack at ordering, and after a couple of days we are inviting non-members and other clubs to join us for this event and purchase. Cider can be purchased from the club website here.

Event date: November 4th, from 12pm to 4pm (ish).
Location: Number 12 Cider near the baseball stadium.
Cost: $6 per gallon in 5 gallon increments (non-refundable).

Here is a link to the Facebook event page if you prefer to go there for information:

Facebook event

I made a request for a blend oriented toward cider making based on my specifications as a cider maker. At the moment they expect to accommodate my request, but it will be subject to availability at the time of pickup on Nov. 4th. More details on this topic when they are known.

One more fun detail… We are also inviting you to bring apples if you wish to make cider from scratch. We will have our high capacity apple grinder at the event along with 2 or 3 apple presses.

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