Cider Summit November 4th at Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day at Barley John’s

If 10:00 a.m. comes Saturday, November 4th, and you don’t find yourself in a deer stand, then we’ll expect you to be eating egg bake and sampling homebrew and cider with the club at Barley John’s!  If you haven’t attended a meeting before, and you’re there at 10:30, then I GUARANTEE that a veteran member will introduce herself/himself and pour you a beer.

Barleys John’s is once again kind enough to allow us to take over their patio for the day.  They’ll have a special egg bake ready, so come hungry!  Two volunteers will be brewing demonstration batches outside, and supposedly some of those brews will find their way to the Holiday Party (Sunday, December 10th).  There will be a door prize or two as well . . .

Bring homebrew to share; there will be a special judging area where you can get feedback from BJCP judges.

Bring CIDER!  There will be a prize for the best cider.

Pick up your cider purchase!  There will be a prize at the Holiday Party for the best cider from this year’s batch.  THE CIDER PURCHASE IS CLOSED. Members purchased all 500 gallons, so if you are a non-member who was hoping to get some at the end of the purchase period, you will just have to join the club before next November.  🙂

Learn about cider!  At 11:00, our club scientist Dave Matson will present ciders to be sampled; the ciders were fermented with nine different yeasts.  Dave might also have some doctored ciders to show the effects of adding acid and/or tannin.  Following Dave’s presentation, he and noted cider expert Chris Smith will hold a cider conversation where attendees may ask questions about the cider-making process.

Drink lots of Barley John’s great beer!  While you eat egg bake, sample ciders, and wait for your turn in the cider line, please make certain to drink lots of John’s fabulous beer.  Homebrew is welcome, but we want to make this worth Barley John’s time.  We also want to be known as a club that tips like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ll see you incider or outcider Barley John’s on the 4th!  People will be brewing and mingling until at least 2:00 . . .

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