Dust off your tents . . .

  • The all club camp-out is only a month away, so start planning now.  Families are VERY welcome at this event!


  • Friday through Sunday August 4-6


  • El Rancho Manana, 27302 Ranch Road, Richmond, MN 56368 – map
    • Near Cold Spring, not far from St. Cloud

Keep reading for more camp-out details: Please let me know ahead of time of you’re coming.  This will help us plan, especially for Saturday dinner.  Please e-mail [email protected] to indicate your intentions to attend as soon as possible.

Camp Details:

  • El Rancho Manana is a multi-use site.  For the campout we have a large group space off by ourselves, primitive camping or small RVs, portable toilets, community water spigot, no electricity.
  • If you want more luxury, they do have more developed sites; call the campground to find out more information and rates on those.
  • El Rancho has a variety of other perks including a beach, shower house, water bike rentals, horseback riding etc., all on site, only a short walk or car ride from our group site.
  • Our location is an open space, not a lot of shade, if you have a portable canopy, you may want to bring it.

Cost and Registration Information:

  • Cost is $25 per adult for the two nights.  If you wish to extend your stay before or after, you can do that at a cost of $10 per adult for the extra night.
  • Please call El Rancho for reservations at 320.597.2740 and state you are with the Minnesota Homebrewers Camp-Out.  The sooner the better.
  • There will also be a minimal charge for those participating in Saturday’s dinner.  Final costs will be determined on site, and will be about $10 per adult, no charge for children.

What to Expect:

  • If you’ve been to the campout, you know it’s primarily a time to kick back and enjoy good beer and fun beer drinkers.
  • Feel free to participate as you wish.
  • Bring beer to share.
  • Club jockey boxes will be available so kegs are welcome and encouraged.
  • The campfires are always accompanied by the passing around of great beers for all to sample.  Start thinking now about what delectable delights you’ll bring in your cooler.
  • The host clubs cook dinner Saturday evening, but for all other meals you’ll want to make sure you bring food for yourself and/or family.
  • Of course, bring your own camping gear and chairs.
  • Well behaved dogs are welcome.
  • Well-behaved acoustic instruments are welcome.
  • Amplified music is generally unwelcome.

Over the years some traditions have developed and some new ones are added:

  • NEW THIS YEAR -Tour at Third Street Brewhouse (about ten minutes away)
    • 1:00 Saturday–no charge, but space is limited, so let me know if you’re interested.
  • Group bike rides.  Bring your bikes, and let’s hit the road!  I might bike to the Third Street tour; I biked there once from El Rancho, and it’s not a long trip.
  • Master of Malt
    • This fun competition between clubs has been held at the campout since 1992 (yes, this will be year 26).  Each club can enter up to four brews: one for ALES, one for LAGERS, one for BELGIANS, and one for MEAD/CIDERS.  There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all categories and best of all, you will be competing for the coveted title of Master of Malt!  The win is recorded forever in history for your club AND you get to spend a full year with the prestigious Master of Malt trophy.  It is kind of like the Stanley Cup (but not really)!
  • Sour Hour:
    • A tart happy hour.  Sometime in the lull between the Master of Malt competition and dinner we will get together and break out some sour beers.  It is a very casual thing.  Bring and share if you like sours.
  • Bloody Mary Mornings
    • (okay, maybe early afternoon for later risers):  Some of us like to start the day with a good Bloody Mary (remember the old saying, “you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.”)  This is another low key event, if you would like to begin your day this way, bring your own mix and vodka to begin, but also bring one Bloody Mary Builder to share with the group (pickles, beef sticks, cheese, celery, the list is endless).  Let’s see how creative we can get.
  • Saturday Dinner:
    • Saturday’s dinner will be prepared and hosted by The MN Home Brewers Association.  There will be meat prepared on a huge grill trailer, and enough non-meat items that you can justify eating dessert.  So we can plan for dinner pleased indicate your participation by e-mailing John Longballa.

    If any of this sounds like fun, you’ll want to join us at the camp-out!  See you there.

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