2017 Homebrew Review!

Event Details

April 2015 Homebrew Fest – Photo by Brett Glenna

Noon to 3:00 at Northern Brewer’s Roseville warehouse: 2221 MN 36 Service Road, Roseville, MN 55113

Bring out your beer/mead/cider!  Try other members’ wares in the social area of Northern Brewer’s warehouse.  Prizes galore!

There will be a bottle exchange at this (and hopefully every) event, so please bring your favorite left-overs with some kind of labeling.

If you’re new, I GUARANTEE that some current members will introduce themselves and pour you a beverage!

Bring your beer to have an expert judging panel evaluate your efforts; not required, but available for beers that you’re looking for feedback on.

There will be about 50 different beverages to try at this event, and the favorites will earn prizes.  We’ll have a few door prizes as well.

Dave Matson will be conducting a triangulation tasting experiment . . .

The club jockey box will be on hand if you have only kegs.

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