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All-Club Camp-Out! Crazy-fun, family-friendly outdoor drinking for any homebrewer in ANY club. The first weekend in August is the 22nd(?) annual homebrew/camping extravaganza. MHBA is preparing the Saturday feast. We’ll be in a shady grove at El Rancho Manana, just past Saint Cloud, near Cold Spring. We have our own area WAY away from any other campers, and there is a casual homebrew contest, beer sharing around the fire, acoustic jamming, Kubb, horseback riding, swimming, a Sour Hour, and general unplanned mayhem. Call El Rancho and pay $25/adult for two nights; kids are free. Bring a tent or a small camping trailer. There is running water, but no electricity. ALL CLUBS WELCOME!! You may come for just a day, but then you’ll just be eating your heart out on the way home . . .

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