Cider Buy Bottle Share Drop-Off (2020)

Event Details

Due to covid, we are doing a virtual bottle share in lieu of our traditional in-person share. To join the fun:

  1. Pick a beer, mead, or cider you’ve made and of which you have at least four bottles
  2. Fill out this form with the details of your beverage. Decide if you want the recipient to judge it or not. This MUST be done prior to drop off.
  3. Drop off the four bottles at the club secretary’s garage (887 Nebraska Ave W, Saint Paul, MN) on Saturday, October 31 from noon to 3 pm. Can’t make that drop-off window? Contact the club secretary at [email protected]to drop it off before October 31. Please drop off your bottles in a four or six-pack holder. There will be a stack of post-it notes with a unique number on each one. Write your name legibly on the top-most post-it and stick it to the barrel of one of your bottles, and put that bottle inside the holder you brought. Using the permanent marker provided, please write the number from the post-it on each bottle cap.
  4. The club secretary will create mixed packs
  5. Pick up four different bottles at the cider buy
  6. If you decided to have your entries judged, you will get score sheets via email from the club secretary

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