March 2015 Chili Cookoff

Event Details

There will be the much coveted Chief Chili Pepper award, voted by popular opinion. The categories of chili will be:
Red Chili – meat, but NO beans
Chili with Beans
Open – green, vegetarian, white, whatever
Homebrew, mead and cider are welcome and especially those that go well with chili.
YOU: Bring your chili ready-to-eat, in crockpots, along with extension cords, power strips, and serving utensils. A sample glass to sample your fellow members beverages.
CLUB: Bowls, spoons, and napkins will be provided.  We will also have the club jockey box at this event.
Inviting both family and friends is highly encouraged! Particularly if you have someone in mind that is interested in homebrewing.

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