Sinning With the Saints in 2016

Event Details

There are only two tickets remaining, so if you’re interested, please contact John at [email protected]  The “Purchase Tickets” button has been disabled.

You know the drill by now.  You ignore the dreary grey sky, the lack of anything green in the yard, the feeling that Apollo doesn’t love Minnesotans any longer, and you dream of a not-so-distant future day, sitting in the sun with all your homebrewer friends, grilling meat and drinking beer, awaiting a warm evening game of baseball.

What will assist you in your dreaming is buying some tickets to the club’s annual tailgating party at the Saints game, which this year will take place on Monday, June 13th. (sorry, AHA travelers!)

Tickets will be $18 each, and include a reserved infield seat at the new stadium and some freshly-grilled meat.  Member typically bring all kinds of delightful foods and beverages to share at this family-friendly event.  We’ll all gather in the DART parking lot, beginning at 4:00.

You’ll want to purchase your tickets with a credit card, using the link below.  We probably cannot purchase extra tickets come May, so step forward now to give us an accurate head count, please.

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