Expect Bad Weather on Saturday, October 17th!

The next MHBA meeting will be on Saturday, October 17th, at Bad Weather Brewing in Saint Paul. Their beautiful new tap room opens for business on Friday the 9th (with a soft opening two nights earlier, but I didn’t tell you that), and we will invade their overflow area from noon to three on the 17th. Homebrew is welcome, but please bring it in surreptitiously. Andy the head brewer will be on hand to show off all his new shiny things to interested parties.

As always, if you bring at least a six-pack, growler, or keg of your latest creation, then you earn credit in the Brewers of Fame program (see website for details–offer not valid in Puerto Rico or Guam). You may always bring smaller amounts (e.g., your last bottle of gold-medal mead), but the point of providing a six-pack of one beer is for us to have a group conversation about that particular beer. We’ll focus the attention on you and your beer for a few minutes, and everyone gets to try it simultaneously, which facilitates better edgimucation for all!

As long as you have your calendars out, please mark down Saturday, November 7th at Barley John’s for the traditional Learn to Brew Day. Jonathan Beckel has once again graciously agreed to procure 500 gallons of cider for people to purchase. This is a mildly-heroic and much-appreciated undertaking, so please be grateful to Jonathan! He has stated that sign-up will begin later this week.

Then, on Sunday, December 13th, we have the annual Christmas Party! This will be from noon to five at the C.S.P.S. Hall, and is not to be missed!

As you were . . .

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