Great showing at the Annual Homebrew Review

Thanks to everyone who showed up to Saturday’s Annual MHBA Homebrew Review. We had a great selection of homebrewed beverages to sample, a turkey, some great snacks and a fun behind-the-scenes tour!

This year’s home brew review was a fun filled event. There was an awesome selection of beer, mead and cider. Thanks to Dave Matson for shoving some science into the meeting with his triangle tasting experiment.  Congratulations to Kevin Meintsma and Alan Grams for each winning $50 Northern Brewer gift cards for having the best beer and best mead/cider, respectively.  Kevin’s wining entry was a stout with coffee, and Allan’s was an hibiscus mead.

Northern Brewer employee and past club President, Chris Smith took us on a behind the scenes tour of the warehouse as well. If you haven’t been before and have an opportunity in the future, I highly recommend it. No photos from the tour per Northern Brewer’s request. Sorry.

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