Holiday Party with live music at Summit: Saturday, December 14th; 6-9 p.m. Brew with Al THIS Sunday (the 8th)!

You DO NOT want to miss this event!  Long-time club member Jim LaRocque’s band The Cheese Bots will be performing.

This is in Summit’s testing room, which is in the newer building BEHIND the older brewery and ratskeller.

Please DO NOT bring commercial beer or ANY wine.  Homemade beer, mead, and cider are welcome.

Bring a delectable homemade potluck item!

Bring the family!  Play Pin the Homebrew in the Snowperson’s (stick)-hand.

Doors at 6:00 for a social hour.  Dinner at 7:00.  Get out before 9:00.

This Sunday (the 8th)–brew with Al Boyce at 10:00 a.m.  Contact alboyce (at) for information.  We are hoping that many club members will host a brew day for interested parties once in a while.  It gives people a chance to see other brewers’ methods and equipment.

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