Iron Brewer Competition next week!

Iron Brewer chocolate edition is just around the corner! How’s the chocolate creations coming along? We have a few updates to mention which are listed below. Firstly, though, there will be a special mead tasting that night as well.

Several club members have collaborated together on a special batch of orange blossom traditional mead, and are eager to share their results with the club. This batch was split, barrel-aged and blended. You will have the opportunity to taste the different variants, as well as sample the original honey so you can see how it has transformed. Additionally, they are bringing a sample of the rum used to keep the barrel wet, along with some unbarreled rum to offer a contrast. This will be a great educational opportunity you will not want to miss.

Here’s the list of updates to the event. Please read all bullet points, especially the one about chocolate desserts.

  • There is no entry limit. The last thing we want anyone to do is keep a chocolate brew at home.
  • The club jockey box will be available for anyone wanting to bring a keg.
  • Bring whatever volume of brew you’d like, however, a single 12 oz. bottle may go quick and not make it to all of those judging. So if you’d like to be in the running for an award, we’d recommend at least two 12 oz bottles.
  • More Chocolate! We’ve had a brilliant recommendation by an anonymous source (who’s name rhymes with Sean Pongballa), to open the chocolate floodgates further by allowing attendees to bring chocolate desserts. So if you’re feeling ambitious and want to share the love, bring your favorite/fanciest/best chocolate dessert and enjoy a constant supply of high-fives from your fellow club members.

We will be meeting at Northern Brewer Minneapolis starting at 6:30pm until 9:30pm.

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