MHBA Club Elections – Call for Nominations

Maybe it’s just me, but amid the cold this morning I could almost hear bleets of March leaving like a lamb. Pretty soon we will be standing in mud pruning back our plants to help them grow. It’s a good reminder that rejuvenation is the natural order of spring. With that in mind, it’s time to plant the club leaders who will help the club grow and flourish through the next season.

Brewing is more fun together. I learn so much and get properly inspired whenever we get together. This is your club and elections are your chance to steer it in azimuths you want.

Club elections will be a little different this year and will be asynchronous to allow everyone to have their say. As a first step, we need nominations for each position. Here are descriptions of what each role entails:

Please click on this form and submit nominations for Club President, Club Vice President, Club Treasurer, Club Secretary, and two At-Large Board Members. All are welcome. Here’s a description of the roles we need filled:

  • Club President: Responsible for the overall direction and activities of the club
  • Club Vice President: Also responsible for the overall direction and activities of the club
  • Club Treasurer: Responsible for keeping track of club finances, sending out membership cards, and getting members reimbursed for club expenses they incur
  • Club Secretary: Responsible for club communications via the website, email, and social media.
  • At-Large Board Members (two): Responsible for programming managing an aspect of the club and Being in the Room Where It Happens. This position has a two year term.

Nominations will close at 5 pm on Monday, March 20.

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