MHBA Club Members Recognized with Medals

There have been numerous club members who have done well at the recent homebrew competitions.  Thank you to all who entered Minnesota Mash-Out and Great Northern Brew Ha Ha under the banner of the Minnesota Home Brewers Association.  Congratulations to the following members who are listed below!  Special recognition goes to Colby Reineke, who cleaned up at Mash-Out, to Kevin Meintsma, who did well in both contests, and to Nathan Steigman for taking the Mead Best of Show(!) at Mash-Out.  If you entered but didn’t win, please take heart; the MHBA board went 0-for-11 with their Mash-Out entries . . .

Hopefully we’ll get to taste some of these award-winning beverages at the annual business meeting at InBound at 2:00, Sunday, February 24th.

Minnesota Mash-Out Winners:

Nathan Steigman: Mead Best of Show–Fireweed Traditional; 1st with Kruke Lingonlunda; 1st with Wall-Less Mazer

Colby Reineke: 1st with Freshly Squeezed IPA; 1st with Shea DDH Golden Sour; 1st with Juicebox and Crayons Fruit Beer; 3rd with Scry Pale Ale; 3rd with Mixed Familia Brett Beer

Adam Bloomquist: 2nd with MECCA IPA

Paul Dienhart: 2nd with Barbera Pyment

Devin Jouwstra: 2nd with Dr. Rhu vegetable beer

Matt Weide: 3rd with Root Beer Bochet

Brew Ha Ha Winners:

Kevin Meintsma: 1st with Sweet Esspression SHV beer; 1st with Cunning Lingonberry fruit cider; 1st with Muscat Luv pyment

Dave Matson: 2nd with Medium Dry Cider

Chris Smith: 2nd with Ice Cider

Apologies to any members who won but did not declare MHBA in the Club field.  This author searched only for medal winners listing MHBA as the member club.