MHBA Logo Update

For those of you with good memories, you may recall a contest in early 2015 that was to provide the club with a new logo. The old logo has been wonderful, but the design is a bit busy for some applications, especially small ones, such as drinking glasses. During the contest window, the club received many great logo contest entries (thank you to those who entered!), and many of the entries would have worked well, but the board decided that none of the entries was just exactly right, and the logo re-design languished.

Fast-forward to January 2017. The club desperately needs a new logo so that members can order logo shirts to proudly wear to the national convention and to other events. Audrey and Dave Royer come to the rescue, spending many recent hours providing the board with countless revisions of logo ideas. As the crumpled papers filled the design-room floor, the logo got better and better, and what finally emerged was the new club logo, which we hope you will agree simplifies (yet holds true to the style of) the club’s original logo.