MHBA Membership card update

I know that there was a delay in getting 2014 MHBA cards to members and I apologize.  If you signed up for MHBA membership before the week of April 7, 2014, all cards should now have been sent out.  If you do not receive your card by Saturday, April 12, 2014, please send an email to the Treasurer, Gera Exire LaTour, so she can check it out.

Big thanks to Dave Royer for doing fantastic things in making it easier to sign up for MHBA membership online.  We hope you consider signing up for the 3-year membership, if you haven’t renewed your 2014 membership yet.

The next meeting  is April 26th at Midwest Supplies at noon.

I know that the Board is looking at exciting new changes to help get information to members quicker and more efficiently in the future.  Thanks again for participating and supporting MHBA!

Gera Exire LaTour, Treasurer

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