MN Homebrew Legislation

Please contact your State Senator and State Congressman and ask them to support the following bills currently being introduced in the house and senate:

There’s a great website available to help you find the names and contact information for your Minnesota State Legislators:

Currently in Minnesota Law, homebrew is not allowed to be legally transported outside of the home. Not to competitions, not to club meetings, not even to your next door neighbo’s house.

The proposed bills would allow these type of activities to legally continue.

You can send an email to your representatives. Here’s a sample email:

Dear [NAME]-

As one of your constituents, I am writing to ask you to vote in favor of [House/Senate] Bill [HF2999/SF2604]. I am a Minnesota home brewer, and was recently informed that Minnesota state law does not allow me to share the product of my hobby beyond the threshold of my own home’s door. This is an antiquated law, and should be changed.

Thanks for your consideration!



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