Reminder – Meeting tonight at Casket Cinema

Another reminder about tonight’s meeting at Casket Cinema for the screening of “For the Love of Beer”. Details, address and timing are all on the event page on the club calendar.

We’ll also have an opportunity to discuss the homebrew you bring for the Brewers Hall of Fame. Bring at least a six-pack or keg or two-liter bottle. You may always bring a lesser amount to share informally, but it just won’t qualify for the Hall of Fame

We began this program at the November meeting, and here’s what happened there …
Quite a few folks gathered around a Barley John’s picnic table, and four brewers took turns introducing their beers and passing them around. Before we passed each beer, the brewer gave the audience a description of the recipe and process. While the group sampled the beer, questions and comments were shared.

  • Jon Hunter brought a California Common brewed with Northern Brewer hops that Jon’s friend had grown.
  • Heath Rhodes shared a Pliney clone. (don’t try to say that ten times quickly, and don’t confuse it with a pine cone)
  • Max Brummel, who had JUST joined the club, passed around some of his very first homebrew, a dark mild.
  • Chris Smith had us sample two of his creations; the first was a German Alt made with all Styrian Golding hops, and the second a wheat wine.

Each brewer will receive credit for the category of beer shared. Soon we will have a special page on the website where you can see who has received credit for which styles. There is no minimum quality requirement–just a minimum QUANTITY requirement, and that’s so that we have enough for everyone at the meeting to get a good-sized sample.

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