Save-the-Date for the Club Cider Buy and Recapping a Busy September

Before we recap the busy September we had in the MHBA, we are pleased to announce preliminary details of the (drumroll, please) … club cider buy!

Club Cider Buy

Join the Minnesota Home Brewers Association for our annual cider distribution and homebrew demonstrations at Barley John’s Brewpub on November 7 from 10 am to 4 pm. This year, due to Covid-19 we will be scaling down the event bit and still working through some of the details on how to have a very safe event and have fun. This is a FREE event, open to anyone who is interested.

Of course, a big part of your yearly event is the purchase and distribution of fresh pressed cider from Pine Tree Orchard that you can use for your hard ciders, cysers, and fruit beers. All MHBA members in good standing are able to purchase cider today. The price will be the same as in past years ($25/five gallons), and you will be responsible for bringing a plastic container (we will NOT fill glass due to safety).

Barley John’s will be making their annual “Cider-Buy Eggbake”. It’s so delicious, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a couple of pieces and wash it down with a pint of Barley John’s beer and support our wonderful hosts!

Purchase your cider now! Need help with your recipe or process? Go check out the MHBA cider guide!

Bottle Share at the Cider Buy

Because this is 2020, we are doing things a little different this year. In lieu of the normal bottle share, we are doing a bottle swap. How, you say? It’s easy:

  1. Pick a beer, mead, or cider you’ve made and of which you have at least four bottles
  2. Fill out this form with the details of your beverage. Decide if you want the recipient to judge it or not.
  3. Drop off the four bottles at the club secretary’s garage (887 Nebraska Ave W, Saint Paul, MN) on Saturday, October 30 from noon to 3 pm. Can’t make that drop-off window? Contact the club secretary at [email protected] to drop it off before October 30. Please drop off your bottles in a four or six-pack holder. There will be a stack of post-it notes with a unique number on each one. Write your name legibly on the top-most post-it and stick it to the barrel of one of your bottles, and put that bottle inside the holder you brought. Using the permanent marker provided, please write the number from the post-it on each bottle cap.
  4. The club secretary will create mixed packs
  5. Pick up four different bottles at the cider buy
  6. If you decided to have your entries judged, you will get score sheets via email from the club secretary

Honey Pick Up at the Cider Buy

Gardner Bees produces local, high-quality honey that has been used to make award-winning mead. Members who order honey from them will be able to pick it up from Josh Mahoney at the cider buy. This is a great opportunity to make cysers!

MHBA Members Win Big at Valkyrie’s Horn

The Valkyrie’s Horn Mead Competition had its second year and led the way in synchronous remote judging. The following club members medaled:

  • Al Boyce – 1st place, 39A/M2C Berry Awards Group 1
  • Adam Bystrom – 2nd and 3rd place, 36A/M3A/M3B SHV Group 1 
  • Paul Dienhart – 2nd place, Pyment
  • Christy Helps – 3rd place, Braggot
  • Pat and Hank McNeely – 3rd place, M1B Semi-Sweet Traditional Group 2
  • Brandon Pflipsen – 1st place, Dry Traditional; 1st place, 41A/M3A/M3B SHV Group 2
  • Nathan Steigman – 3rd place, Specialty
  • Matthew Weide – 1st and 2nd place, Sweet Traditional

Commercial Calibration: Style 2 C – International Dark Lager (BlackStack Spare Parts)

BJCP Grand Master VIII judge Al Boyce blindly evaluated BlackStack’s Spare Parts as an international dark lager (style 2C). You can watch his commercial calibration video here.

Hop Harvest Day with South Fork Hops

Club members were invited to pick centennial, CTZ, and Yakima Gold at South Fork Hops, a small scale commercial hop farm near River Falls, Wisconsin. The Yakima Gold impressed with its green tea aromas.

Grape Pomace Pickup with Mousse Sparkling Wine Company

The club learned this summer that a prominent commercial meadery adds grape pomace to some of their meads to enhance mid-palate mouthfeel. In response, club members were invited to pick up freshly-pressed Frontenac blanc and Marquette grape pomace from a vineyard owned by the newly-opened Mousse Sparkling Wine Company in Jordan, Minnesota. Mousse also arranged to give club members a tour of their production area and provided a tasting of their wines. Club members have a whopping seven batches of mead using this pomace.

Open Mic

Do you want to organize an event of interest to the MHBA? Let us help publicize it! Contact the club secretary to get the ball rolling!

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