See you at the Holiday Party Saturday?

It’s time for the 2018 Holiday Party!

For the first time since recorded history, the holiday party will NOT be at the CSPS hall. This year, we will be heading to the Summit Brewing Training Facility, right behind the Summit Rathskeller Taproom. It will still be an awesome potluck event with live music, home-brewed beer, mead and cider and lots of fun! We will also have the ability to purchase Summit Beer!

If you aren’t familiar with the Summit Training facility, this is a separate building behind the Summit Rathskeller Taproom. Just follow the beer pipeline at the back of the main facility. There is parking back there as well.

Due to licensing restrictions, we can’t have any commercial alcohol or any home-made alcoholic beverages other than beer, mead and cider (sorry, no wine).

What should you bring? Bring your food and homebrewed Beer, Mead and Cider! We’ll have plates, napkins and plastic-ware!

This is a family-friendly event, open to everyone so bring your friends too! It’s sure to be a great time!

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