Upcoming Events

Happy Monday Homebrewers! Take note of our upcoming events and meetings (T-minus 2 weeks till next meeting):
April Meeting at Insight Apr 13 @1PM – Ben will talk about experimenting in homebrew (https://fb.me/e/4YZTycWwQ)
Big Brew Day at Back Channel Brewing May 4 (see event for details, and reserve wort here https://mnbrewers.com/wort-rally and https://fb.me/e/46txOi0kg)
Iron Brewer Drop Off at Hackamore Brewing June 1 during business hours (https://fb.me/e/4NjVHnwjm)
June Meeting at 56 Brewing Jun 13 @6:30 (https://fb.me/e/XefUYDcK)
Iron Brewer Awards at Hackamore Brewing Jun 22 at 12 (https://fb.me/e/1ALjrspuw)
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