What happened this past week – September 1st, 2015

Here’s a quick run down of some of the mhba activities, discussions and happenings of the past week:

2014 State Fair Homebrew Competition Winner on tap at the 2015 State Fair

MHBA VP John Longballa’s 2014 State Fair Homebrew Competition winning beer was brewed up by Bent Brewstillery. It is available this year at the Ballpark Cafe at the Great Minnesota Get together! John shared:

As some of you know, my British Bitter won Best of Show (out of 693 entries) at the 2014 MN State Fair homebrew contest. As a result, Kristen England at Bent Brewstillery agreed to make a version of it (based on my recipe) for this year’s Fair. I was at Bent in early August, helping a tiny bit with the beer, which is called Fest Hops, and Fest Hops is on sale at the Ball Park Cafe at the State Fair this year. The beer will also be on tap at Bent and perhaps a few MN bars. Ball Park Cafe will also have Chris Smith’s German Hefe, which was produced with Chris at Lucid, as part of Chris’s victory in the BFD contest.

The Heavy Table posted this review of the beer as well:

Successful beers were the bright spots in our day: Bent Brewstillery’s Fest Hop was able to cut the sweetness and richness of several new food items. Using a 2014 Homebrew Competition winning recipe, Bent has created something for hop-loving fairgoers. Available at the Ballpark Cafe, Fest Hop struck several bitter chords and yet remained balanced and crisp.

Congrats to all the 2015 State Fair Homebrew Competition Winners

Look for a rundown in a separate article but congratulations to everyone who placed at the 2015 State Fair Homebrew Competition.

Renaissance Festival Competition Coming Up

Anyone looking for another fantastic homebrew competition to enter or help out with needs to check out the Minnesota Renaissance Festival Homebrew Competition, Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup. You can enter now and the competition is looking for volunteers to help steward and judge the weekend of October 3rd and 4th at the festival. Check out the website for more information.

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