Wood Product Club Purchase

Take advantage of this deal Judd Ebersviller and I worked out for you! Having some of these products on hand will enhance your brewing options for the future.

We were at Black Swan late this spring and spent some time there talking to them about process, barrels and wood alternatives to aging in barrels.  They have some really nice products that are priced attractively for home brewers.

We arranged a 15% discount off of the retail prices as long as we send in a single consolidated order.  Shipping will be a flat 16$ added to the order total, so I will have each person ordering pay $3 TOTAL (above and beyond the discounted pricing) for shipping to ensure this is covered.  It’s to your advantage to order more which will reduce your net per unit cost, but the choice is yours.  At $3 per person it’s still a significant cost reduction from the retail pricing and shipping costs.
Retail product and pricing information here:
Flavor descriptors for each of the products:
What do you need to do?  Glad you asked!

I STRONGLY recommend you look at the retail website links I’ve provided so you know what is included in each of the package choices.
Send payment based on the pricing below (plus the $3 Shipping charge) via paypal to the email below and include your order information and quantity for each item in the comments of the payment information.
Complete this by September 30th to be included in the order.

To reduce hassle, there will be no refunds once paid, and only people that have completed payment by the deadline will be included in the order.


$ 9.35  1 Gallon Brew Variety Pack (9 wood species)
$20.06  5 Gallon Brew Variety Pack (9 wood species)
$ 2.60  5 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$ 4.63  10 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$ 6.63  15 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
$12.71 30 Gallon Brew Pack (1 wood specie)
Paypal payment (use the friends and family option): [email protected]
Kevin Meintsma
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