Learn to make mead at the Arboretum

downloadThe Arboretum will be hosting a Mead Event with our very own Steve Piatz as the guest speaker on Saturday, September 13th. Along with the talk about mead and a tasting of commercial and homemade meads, there is an option to make a 1 gallon batch during the event to finish at home. Steve’s new book will also be available for purchase and signing.

Arboretum Event Registration

Event Description:

This nectar of the gods we know as mead holds an honored place in history, literature, art, and…your table. Learn how the simple ingredients of honey, water, and yeast are used to create mead. Watch mead makers go through the steps of making mead and hear about the difference the type of honey, water, and time make in the final result. Explore your options of ingredients, equipment, and process that goes into the craft. Then taste and compare a number of meads. And for those ready to join in the mead-making trend, you may choose to make the beginnings of your first batch and head home armed with the materials and knowledge to bottle your mead and finish it at home. Book available for sale and signing. Limit 30, Learning Center

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