LiftBridge Homebrew Competition

Lift Bridge Brewing Company is inviting members of the Minnesota Home Brewers Association to enter beers in their 3rd annual 2016 Home Brew contest. One lucky winner will have his/her entry selected to be brewed at Lift Bridge and entered into the GABF PRO-AM contest in Denver 10/6-10/8!

Lift Bridge is excited to include the MHBA Homebrew Club! They are hoping up to 10 of the 50 total entries will come from MHBA members. The MHBA will be selecting entries for members on a first-come, first served basis. Entrants must be a dues-paid member of the MHBA.

Here are the short details:

  • Entries will need to be entered into the website and delivered to Lift Bridge Brewing Company between (and not before or after) 5/7 and 6/11.
  • Brewers will be allowed to enter two entries, but may only represent one club (even if they are members of more than one club). This also means that if a club submits 10 entries, they should come from at least 5 brewers.
  • The entries will be judged on 6/18. Gera Exire La Tour will be the Organizer of the competition, following BJCP guidelines.
  • Any beers scoring 36 or higher on the BJCP scale of 50 will receive a ribbon.
  • The Brewer’s Choice may or may not be the Best of Show winner.
  • The winner is encouraged to join the Head Brewer in brewing the winning recipe at Lift Bridge.
  • The winner’s beer will be released commercially and entered into this years GABF PRO-AM competition (space allowing). Lift Bridge will provide one “all session” entry pass to GABF, though the winning Brewer will be responsible for all travel expenses if they choose to attend.

If you have competition questions, feel free to contact the competition organizers with any questions you may have! Please direct inquiries to [email protected] or Gera at [email protected].

To enter, visit the MHBA Lift Bridge Competition Sign-up form

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