Seminars at Big Brew Day/AHA Rally

Lucid has announced a number of seminars taking place during Big Brew Day and the AHA Rally at Lucid Brewing. Here’s a run-down of what’s happening!

  • 10am- Brett Glenna – Brewer Water Chemistry
  • 11am- G Exire LaTour & Steve Piatz – Brewing for Competition & What the BJCP is All About
  • 12pm-From Homebrewers Dreams to Pro Brewers Reality: Roundtable with owners of Lucid Brewing, Bad Weather Brewing Company, Badger Hill Brewing Company & more!
  • 1pm- Charlie Rohwer, Eric Sannerud & Ben Boo – Growing Hops at Home
  • 2pm- Steve Piatz Mead-Making For All Levels
  • 3pm- Better Beer Society featuring Robin Shellman – Food Pairing & Cooking With Beer
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