Successful Schells Trip and Upcoming Final Friday, Cider Buy, Brewery Trips!

Reminder: MHBA Final Friday Social with Boom Island Brewing on October 29th
Dreaming of touring countryside of Belgium? Well take a small sip of the experience and join us this Friday as Jesse from Boom Island Brewing Company joins us for our Final Friday Social!
And don’t forget to pick up the three beers he will walk us through:
– Witness, Witbier: With its light, hazy blond col­or and fluffy white head, this is a clas­sic Bel­gian-style Wit­bier. Slight tart­ness opens into a refresh­ing smooth­ness, with faint flo­ral notes that linger on the back.
– Hoodoo, Dubbel: Rich and com­plex malt fla­vors com­bine with low hop bit­ter­ness to make this a clas­sic Bel­gian-style Dubbel. Extra points if you detect a hint of banana and clove fla­vors hid­den in its seduc­tive aroma.
– Bell Rock, West Coast IPA: Burst­ing with dank hop aro­mas of grape­fruit, cit­rus and pine. Well-bal­anced and exceed­ing­ly drink­able, this IPA is tai­lor-made for any adventure.
Meeting ID: 885 7368 4305
Passcode: 502702
MHBA Club Cider Buy on November 6th
Join the Minnesota Home Brewers Association for our annual cider distribution and homebrew demonstrations at Barley John’s Brewpub. All MHBA club members are encouraged to BRING A FRIEND who might want to Learn to Brew to this event. This is a FREE event, open to anyone who is interested.
Of course, a big part of your yearly event is the purchase and distribution of fresh pressed cider from Pine Tree Orchards that you can use for your hard ciders, cysers and fruit beers. All MHBA members in good standing are able to purchase cider here:
Barley John’s will be making their annual “Cider-Buy Eggbake”. It’s so delicious, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a couple of pieces and wash it down with a pint of Barley John’s beer and support our wonderful hosts!
More information will follow as we get a few things ironed out.
MHBA Back Channel Brewing Trip on November 13th at Noon
Back Channel Brewing will be hosting the MN Home Brewers Association to share their facilities, brews, and good times!
MHBA Holiday Party Scheduled for January 8th at Forgotten Star Brewing

More details to be added later, but hold the date for the annual holiday party! Event details will be posted on Facebook as well:

Successful MHBA Schell’s Brewery Visit
Schell’s and Starkeller graciously hosted MHBA this weekend for a fun day of history and tasting. The club was walked through the history of how the brewery came to be and given a technical tour of the brewhouse, their operations, and given time to ask any quesiton we would like (can you guess what is their favorite beer to brew?). We were then given a tasting of some of their beers along with some time in the new bier halle. Afterwards, the club went over to Starkeller for a tasting of their sours with a lovely appetizer board (cheese, pretzels, and cheese dip – what more can you ask for!), with time to ask questions from how did they get the fermenters in to what type of wood is used.
Thank you to Schells, Starkellers, and all of the individuals who made the day personalized and special for MHBA. I know that I can’t personally wait to bring the family for a return trip!
Questions From the Community

No Questions Yet! Don’t forget that the Minnesota Home Brewers Association offers the Hive Mind as an option to ask questions from experts the community.

In order to submit a question, fill out the form here. The information is then anonymously sent to the experts who will provide their answer(s) based on years of expertise and studies. The answer(s) will then be collated and sent back to you – its that easy! At the end of every newsletter we will include the anonymous questions and answers for everybody else to see in order to spread the wealth of knowledge.

MHBA Honor Roll


  • Nathan Steigman won 1st: dry traditional, 1st: sweet traditional, 2nd: historical, and 3rd: historical at Michigan Mead Cup
  • Adam Bystrom won 2nd: semi-sweet traditional and 2nd: cyser at Michigan Mead Cup
  • Matthew Weide won 2nd: fruit and spice at Michigan Mead Cup
  • Josh Mahoney won 3rd: cyser and 3rd: melomel at Michigan Mead Cup
  • Nathan Steigman for being second overall in heavy medal rankings and single-handedly putting MHBA in third place in the club competition at Orpheus MeadFest. He won the following medals: 1st-historical, 2nd-trad sweet, 2nd-fruit and spice, 2nd-historical, 3rd-historical
  • Adam Bystrom earned SIX medals at Valkyries Horn (2nd-semisweet trad, 2nd-cyser, 2nd-pyment, 3rd-SHV, 2nd-braggot, 2nd-historical, HM-fruit and spice)
  • Nathan Steigman won three medals at Valkyries Horn (1st&3rd-historical, 3rd-braggot).
  • Paul Johnson won one medal at Valkyries Horn (1st-cyser).
  • Josh Landy won one medal at Valkyries Horn (2nd-healthy hydromels).
  • Anthony Davis won one medal at Valkyries Horn (3rd-fruit and spice).

Hearing Voices

The following is a curated list of what we’re reading, listening to, and thinking about in the world of beer, mead, and cider this week:

  • Paige Latham Didora was on a panel for the North American Guild of Beer Writers discussing how the revelation of more than a thousand accounts of sexual harassment and assault, toxic workplaces and discrimination is affecting the beer industry – listen in here
  • Good Beer Hunting writes about how a method that had fallen to the wayside for modern generations of brewers, decoction brewing, is finding new interest and popularity
  • Louis Livingston-Garcia of Beer Dabbler talks with Beer Kulture, a non profit focused on diversity and inclusion in the craft beverage industry, and the impact they are making
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