Kevin Meintsma

May 24, 2022

All Club Campout!

August 4 – 7

Old Wadena Park located between Brainerd and Wadena

13491 Old Wadena Cir, Staples, MN 56479

  • Come for one night, two nights, or three!
  • Open to any homebrewer and their family. Loosely-structured weekend of sharing beer and mead around the fire. We have rented the entire campground and pavilion.
  • Saturday’s festivities include a fun club vs. club homebrew competition (bring at least 2 bottles of anything you want to enter) and a Sour Hour, complete with trumpet fanfare.
  • The MHBA will provide the Saturday evening feast.
  • Bring food for all other meals during your stay, along with whatever preparation gear you need. Pull those special bottles out of your stash – THESE are the PEOPLE you save them for – it’s your opportunity to share!
  • Tents and small campers welcome. Well-behaved dogs and acoustic instruments also welcome (no radios or amplified music, please). You must let John Longballa know you’re attending. The cost depends a bit on the meal, but should be around $30/adult; kids are free.

Facebook event page is located here:[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22group_featured_unit%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22group%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D

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MHBA Apparel

May 19, 2022

News Flash!

You can purchase your very own MHBA T-shirts, sweatshirts and more, using the link below! No minimum order.

Get yours now!

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Big Brew Day 2022!

May 5, 2022


Here’s the skinny on the Brew for those of you that signed up and paid for wort. Make your final adjustments to your plans, and we’ll see you on Saturday.

When exactly?

9 am to (potentially) 9 pm.

Bring a sanitized NON GLASS fermenter with at least 5 gallon capacity.
Check in with Kevin Meintsma for wort runs from 1 pm to 3 pm, pick up runs from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Where is this?

THE LAB Powered by BevSource
767 N. Eustis Street, STE 115
St. Paul, MN 55114

Brewing On Premises:

  • Brewers can start setting up at 9 am.
  • Bring hoses, distributors, all other equipment, tables, towels, etc. that you need to brew.
  • Bring a chair – there may not be enough to go around from The Lab.
  • Bring food, homebrewed beer/cider/mead/wine to share.
  • Food truck WILL be available.
  • Beer will be available from The Lab taproom.

Wheat Beer Wort:

  • OG-12 °P
  • ABV- 5% (somewhat dependent on yeast)
  • Color- 4SRM
  • IBU- 13


  • 34% 2-Row Base
  • 57%- White Wheat Malt
  • 7% Torrified Wheat


  • Hops per gallon
  • .21g Cascade 6.8α @ Beg Boil
  • .41g Willamette 3.5α @ 30min
  • .41g Cascade @ 30 min
  • .63g Willamette @10min
  • .63g Cascade @ 10min
  • 1.04g Cascade @ WP


  • Boil 60min
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Current News and Events

April 22, 2022

MHBA Visit to Barrel Theory Brewery 11am, Saturday April 23, 2022

Make sure to come to St. Paul with us on April 23 when Barrel Theory will be hosting the club for a visit! Learn about what they are doing, trying some beers, and have a good time with club friends.

FB Event:


MHBA welcomes members of the Primary Fermenters

Our friends and neighbors are welcomed into the MHBA with multiple opportunities to participate in events, brewing opportunities and education. If you are a member of the Primary Fermenters club, please contact an MHBA officer – we are providing member cards that you can use at your local homebrew shop for discounts and benefits.


Big Brew Day at The Lab, May 7th from 9am to 9pm

The wort share purchases have been completely filled. Our thanks to The Lab for providing a Wheat beer/Hefe base for this sharing opportunity.

If you want to brew with us:

Please sign up here so we know how many to expect

Bring your brewing system and make beer with us (LOTS of room!)
Doesn’t matter if you’re all grain or extract – ALL are welcome!
Beer may be purchased from The Lab
Food truck will be onsite, or bring your own food
Plenty of shelter is available in case of inclement weather for brewers and attendees
RO water and Saint Paul water is provided
Electricity is available (no 220)
Grain disposal is available
Homebrew sharing is permissible

FB Event:


In With the New: Welcome your new leadership team!

The MHBA held elections on (yes really) Friday April 1st. Please welcome your officers, and as always, please share ideas, needs and interests with any of the leadership team:

  • President – Nick Aschbrenner
  • Vice-President – Matt Johnson
  • Treasurer – Jon Hunter
  • Secretary – Kevin Meintsma
  • Member At-Large – Al Boyce
  • Member At-Large – Adam Bystrom
  • Member At-Large – Kurt Lawton
  • Member At-Large – Abby Rouster

Our effort is directed along several focus areas:

  • Social (led by Matt Johnson): responsible for planning monthly FFS, the holiday party, and other social activities like brewery tours
  • Beer and brewing: (led by Kevin Meintsma and Nick Aschbrenner) responsible for Big Brew Day, Spring Homebrew Review, and Beer Dabbler Homebrew Contests
  • Education (led by Nick): responsible for BJCP prep class
  • Not Beer: (led by Abby Rouster and Dave Mattson) responsible for the Club Cider Buy
  • Dave Royer is the technical wizard behind the MHBA that keeps us connected


Brave Noise Collaboration

The MHBA signed onto the Brave Noise Collaboration. What this means is we have a code of conduct and pledge to treat other people with respect.

It also means we get to brew beer and make a difference!


Test Anxiety

Al Boyce is hosting a BJCP mead tasting exam on September 8 just prior to Valyrie’s Horn Mead Competition. It costs $40 if you’re new to the BJCP and $25 if you’ve already taken a BJCP tasting exam. You also have to get a passing score on the BJCP mead entrance exam. Only 12 seats are available so sign up ASAP!

Nick is hosting a BJCP written exam on October 15. To take it, you must have a BJCP beer tasting exam score at or above 80 and at least 10 judging points.

Let us know if you’re interested in taking either exam!


MHBA Flight Log

  • Al Boyce was recently promoted to Grand Master IX judge by the BJCP (third highest-ranked BJCP judge in the world after Gordon Strong and Steve Piatz)


Hearing Voices

The following is a curated list of what we’re reading, listening to, and thinking about in the world of beer, mead, cider (and wine) this week:

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