Learn to make mead at the Arboretum

July 22, 2014

downloadThe Arboretum will be hosting a Mead Event with our very own Steve Piatz as the guest speaker on Saturday, September 13th. Along with the talk about mead and a tasting of commercial and homemade meads, there is an option to make a 1 gallon batch during the event to finish at home. Steve’s new book will also be available for purchase and signing.

Arboretum Event Registration

Event Description:

This nectar of the gods we know as mead holds an honored place in history, literature, art, and…your table. Learn how the simple ingredients of honey, water, and yeast are used to create mead. Watch mead makers go through the steps of making mead and hear about the difference the type of honey, water, and time make in the final result. Explore your options of ingredients, equipment, and process that goes into the craft. Then taste and compare a number of meads. And for those ready to join in the mead-making trend, you may choose to make the beginnings of your first batch and head home armed with the materials and knowledge to bottle your mead and finish it at home. Book available for sale and signing. Limit 30, Learning Center

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All-Club Camp-Out

July 20, 2014

Come one, Come All To the All-Club Camp-Out!


  • Friday August 1st-Sunday August 3rd  – Arrive anytime after 1 p.m. Friday–a few folks are staying Sunday evening as well.
  • Camp Nushka – just east of Cass Lake, MN in the beautiful Chippewa Forest, on the shores of Cass Lake (pdf link).
  • Many spaces available for tents, some camper sites as well.
  • Bring your own camping gear and food for the weekend – Saturday night meal provided, plus beer to share (kegs okay, we’ll have jockey boxes available). A chair for around the fire is a great idea.


  • Cost is roughly $35 per adult (kids are free), depending on how many attend, cash or checks accepted; make payable to MHBA.
  • This is a rustic site with no running water or electricity (drinking water will be available), so plan accordingly. What the camp might lack in modern amenities, it more than makes up for in beauty and charm.
  • Families and well-behaved pets are welcome.
  • Acoustic instruments are welcome; amplified music and firearms/fireworks are not.
  • More wood than should be burned is included in the cost.
  • There are two large pavilions in case of the ‘r’ word.

All-Club homebrew competition Saturday afternoon (bring representation for your club in the categories of Lagers, Ales, Belgians, Meads). See if your club can take the coveted trophy keg away from PHC/Tom and Nancy.

Saturday dinner cooked by MHBA: grilled salmon.
Fire Jenga (to those who are regulars to this event, no explanation needed, to new comers, you won’t want to miss this)
Bring Bocce ball or any other yard games you have
A large pontoon will be available Saturday and Sunday for lake cruising, right from the sandy shore of the campground.
There are many paved bicycle trails in the area. Let’s ride!
The lake is shallow and sandy at the site; perfect for swimming and/or inflatable lounge-chairing.

So we can make sure we have enough food, please e-mail your plan to attend to [email protected] by July 27. You can send questions to the same e-mail address.

On Hwy 2, about 5 miles east of the town of Cass Lake, look for SR10, then turn North and go 4.2 miles.
Turn West on Cass Bluff Loop Road (2360), then go 1.2 miles.
Look for the sign (on the left) that says Camp Nushka (if the road starts veering to the right, you’ve gone too far).


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Get ready for Mighty Axe Hops

July 9, 2014

Summer seems to finally be in full swing and it’s time to check in on the farm…the HOP farm!

Coming up on July 19 Mighty Axe Hops has invited us to visit their hop farm in Ham Lake to check out their operation.

Let’s make it a picnic…bring some chairs and some food and homebrew to share!

Check out the event page for the address and more details.

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Share your opinion on the club logo

July 8, 2014

We are wrapping up our survey of members on the club logo. Have you voted on what logo concept you think best represents the Minnesota Home Brewers Association? If not, go vote now! We want your opinion on how to represent the club.

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MHBA Wins The 2014 Gambrinus Club Award

June 18, 2014

Congratulations to the entire Minnesota Home Brewers Association for winning the 2014 Gambrinus Club Award. 2014-gambrinus

Named for King Gambrinus, the (unofficial) Patron Saint of Beer, this award is given to the club having the most Final Round points per the number of entries from the club in the National Homebrew Competition. Matt Weide, Brett Glenna, and Sean Kampshoff combined to earn the prize for their club, MHBA!

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Congratulations to 2014 NHC Winners

June 17, 2014

Congratulations to everyone who won at this year’s National Homebrew Competition!nhc-medal

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2014 Logo Contest Survey

June 10, 2014

Help us select a logo concept for the Minnesota Home Brewers Association. Below are the concepts submitted by members. We are looking for the best concept, NOT the best graphic design below. All the entries are subject to modification and if needed will be updated to polish them into an awesome design.

Please select your favorite logo concept from the options below. Click on an image to see a larger version.


  • You may only vote once.
  • You must be a member of the Minnesota Home Brewers Association to vote
  • Your name and email will be used only to confirm your membership status
  • The final logo will be made graphically appropriate for use
  • The logo may be modified by the club leadership prior to finalization

Sorry. The survey has ended

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Town Hall Brewery Cider Competition Winners

May 27, 2014

Congratulations to the Town Hall Brewery 1st Cider Competition winners!

Best of Show

First Place: Brett Glenna, 27A: Common Cider

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New Social Event at moto-i

May 12, 2014

The Minnesota Home Brewers Association has been invited by the brewer, Matt Asay, to check out the sake brewing operation at moto-i! If you have ever been interested in checking out what is involved with sake brewing, here’s your chance! Matt will share details of sake brewing as well as share samples! You can find all the details on the club calendar Event Page!

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A Look Back at the Homebrew Fest

April 29, 2014

On Saturday, April 26th, Midwest Supplies graciously opened their doors (and their parking lot) to the MHBA for our fifth-annual homebrew tasting event. The skies were mostly clear, the temperatures mostly temperate, and the beverages mostly delicious. Approximately forty tasters showed up, and they were treated to myriad beers, ciders, and meads, as well as club-provided sandwiches, and a burgeoning tub of baker’s yeast-infused yogurt (more on that later).

The people’s choice award for beer went to Nick Tillemans, for his eighteen-month old English barleywine, and the award for meads and ciders went to the event’s wonderful organizer, Gera Exire LaTour, for her sweet mead with star anise and juniper.

Thank you to Gera for organizing the event, and also to Jerry, who brought the yeast/yogurt combination. Along with the yeasty yogurt, Jerry provided a copy of an article by Jim Koch (of Sam Adams), who claims that ingesting about one teaspoon of baker’s yeast for each alcoholic beverage you are about to imbibe will lessen the impact of the alcohol on your body. The theory goes that the yeast will metabolize alcohol in your stomach before it gets into your blood stream. A few brave souls did try the yeast-infused yogurt (the yogurt simply makes it more palatable), but a more scientific process should be employed at a future event to determine the idea’s effectiveness!









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