Recent Events

Fun social event at Inbound

June 11, 2017

A huge thank you goes out to Jon Messier, Brian Priefer and everyone at Inbound for being such gracious hosts last Tuesday for our social event. Here’s a quick look back at the evening!

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Great showing at the Annual Homebrew Review

April 3, 2017

Thanks to everyone who showed up to Saturday’s Annual MHBA Homebrew Review. We had a great selection of homebrewed beverages to sample, a turkey, some great snacks and a fun behind-the-scenes tour! This year’s home brew review was a fun filled event. There was an awesome selection of beer, mead and cider. Thanks to Dave Matson for shoving some science into the meeting with his triangle tasting experiment.  Congratulations to Kevin Meintsma and Alan Grams...

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Now that’s some great chili!

March 27, 2017

If you weren’t there, you missed some amazing chili! This year we had some mighty tasty chili to choose from and some awesome homebrew to complement them. Best Chili 2nd place : Paul & Vicki Illa with their White Steak Chili 1st place : Jeff Kalchik with his Smoked Brisket Texas Red Chili Contest – Best Chili Best Beverage 2nd place : Centennial IPA – Cory Monson 1st place : Surly Wort on Belgian yeast...

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MHBA Logo Update

February 7, 2017

For those of you with good memories, you may recall a contest in early 2015 that was to provide the club with a new logo. The old logo has been wonderful, but the design is a bit busy for some applications, especially small ones, such as drinking glasses. During the contest window, the club received many great logo contest entries (thank you to those who entered!), and many of the entries would have worked well,...

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Member Winners at 2017 Mash-Out

February 7, 2017

Congratulations to all those MHBA members who brought home medals from the recent Minnesota Mash-Out!  Special accolades go to MHBA vice-president Matt Weide for winning Best of Show Mead, plus two other medals.  Other members with award-winning beverages were Joel Ellingson, Al Boyce, Paul Dienhart, Dave Royer, Dave Matson (x2), Chris Smith (x4), Steve Piatz, Tim Cichon, and Sean Kampshoff (x3).  Apologies to those member’s names we might have missed; it’s easier for us to...

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2016 Holiday Party Highlights

January 3, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2016 Holiday Party! We had a great collection of food, beverages, and friends to go around. The award for Best Beverage went to Paul Dienhart for his Raspberry Mead. The award for Best Food Dish went to Tim Burman for his Holiday Caramels. A special thanks out to Michael Valentiner and his band, the Squirrels at the Bird Feeder who provided spectacular ambiance for the evening.

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Great time at Learn to Brew Day

November 23, 2016

Thanks everyone for stopping by Barley John’s Brew Pub and joining us for Learn To Brew Day! We had a fantastic group of experienced as well as new brewers join us. There was lots of brewing, sampling and sharing happening! 500 gallons of cider made its way to a ton of happy brewers. A big thanks goes out to Jason Dayton, Founder of Lionheart Cider who shared samples and gave a presentation on cider and their company!

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Rye, Rye, Everywhere (and honey, honey, and wasps, wasps!)

September 28, 2016

A beautiful (if windy and waspy) Saturday afternoon allowed the club to congregate in the back parking area of Midwest Supplies on September 10th.  The main point of the day was the club’s Iron Brewer Competition, which this year required the use of rye in the recipes.  Congratulations to Kurt Smelser for taking home the judges’ trophy for the best rye beer–a roggenbier!  Congratulations are also in order for Dave Matson, who took the people’s...

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2016 Election and Chili Meeting

March 1, 2016

Sunday, February 28 saw the annual election/business meeting for the club merge with the 13th annual chili cook-off.  Bob Norman’s El Diablo chili won a $30 Penzey’s gift card in the Red Chili with Beans category, while the open category featured an old favorite as its winner, Gera Exire LaTour’s famous Chili Verde.  Gera went home with a gift card, and took Chief Chili Pepper  with her for the fifth time in the past eight...

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Bowling Party

February 5, 2016

On Monday, January 25th, twenty folks gathered in the basement of St. Francis Church School, a block north of Shamrock’s in Saint Paul.  A joke was made that the high score for the evening had to be the next club president, and soon folks were intentionally rolling gutter balls!  Current president Brett Glenna even managed a gutter ball on a lane with Bumper Buddies (Gutter Guards), as his ball rode over the inflatable gutter-filler all...

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